Hecate’s Glory Reviews

“In Hecate’s Glory we have a memorable, very compelling anti-hero Llewelyn, who has been pulled to “the dark side” after a devastating betrayal. The novel is a philosophical examination of what is good and evil in general, and how it dwells within us and shapes us and our most revered institutions in particular. This tale is dark indeed, rich in both imagery and character. Michalson stirs the reader’s imagination, emotions and intellect – a magic and potent brew. Living in an era in which authors are churned out for public praise and consumption in assembly line fashion, their mediocrity ignored, it comes as an extremely pleasant surprise to come upon a writer who has a true inborn talent for writing. It is this writer’s opinion that Michalson’s word smithing and story telling is wizardry and magic itself and her books the rarest of all things the progeny of a true born artist.”
–Natasha Shebeko, Association of Libertarian Feminists News, Fall 2004

Hecate’s Glory was the Freedom Book of the Month for September 2003 for the now defunct Free-Market.Net.

Hecate’s Glory is one of the two most beautifully written books I’ve read in years. The other one is Enemy Glory, to which Hecate’s Glory is the sequel. . . . I don’t think a lot of people will appreciate art this fine – but for those who can – wow! . . . the feel you get after reading some of these passages, the pictures they paint in your mind . . . the very taste of the words on your tongue – it’s really amazing. . . . These are not words to simply read, but to savor like a fine wine – or maybe a burning brandy – that sets one aglow inside. This is what real art is all about; reaching into people and touching them. Hecate’s Glory does this. . . . if there’s any justice in the world, these works of art will still be studied and enjoyed by students of great literature, long after most fantasies have turned to forgotten dust.”
–Don L. Tiggre, Free-Market.Net, September 2003

“Llewelyn might say he serves evil – and, in truth, he’s no saint – but he remains a truly likable and, oddly enough, decent person. Michalson’s study of the darkness and light in every soul has created a powerful and memorable character.”
— Penny Kenny, Starlog, Issue #309, April 2003

Hecate’s Glory was a spotlight feature in Barnes & Noble’s Explorations in February 2003.

“Brilliant. Unforgettable. Poetic. Hecate’s Glory — like Enemy Glory, the first book in Karen Michalson’s proposed trilogy — is a masterpiece of fantasy. You don’t read these books: you experience them. It’s like listening to beautiful alien music whose slow, hypnotizing melodies could either originate from an ancient, long-forgotten race or some madwoman’s dreams. The lyrical narrative is equally fascinating and disturbing. . . . If you’re looking for a light read, stay away from these novels. Michalson’s series is heavy in every sense of the word. If you enjoy stories that are complex and intellectually as well as morally challenging, I highly recommend Enemy Glory and Hecate’s Glory — dark, cerebral fantasy with enough treachery and revenge to satisfy even the blackest heart.”
— Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble, February 2003

“Here’s a little something for Enemy Glory fans who’ve been wondering whatever happened to Karen Michalson’s luckless Llewelyn. Hecate’s Glory will fill you in on the whole gory, blasting, twisted, dark deal that Michalson’s devilish imagination has rendered in ink — maybe it was blood. If you like your fantasy dark, depressing, and a little disturbing then Hecate’s Glory won’t disappoint. . . . Frankly, I’m wondering how many mediocre, pulp churning, New York Times List-making successful writers could meet Michalson’s well-crafted writing quality, or even read well enough to clue into her devastating deconstruction of the literary world.”
— Eva Wojcik-Obert, Fantastica Daily, January 10, 2003   Read the entire review.