Dave Laabs of The Airbrush Shack created new cover art for my Enemy Glory books. Here’s Laabs’s painting for Enemy Glory:

New Enemy Glory Cover

Enough said.

When you meet Dave Laabs, he comes across as a down-to-earth, unassuming, nice guy who runs a local business, supports his close-knit family, and doesn’t consider himself an “artist.”  (That’s OK, Dave, I consider you an artist.)  But then he’ll tell you that when he’s painting, something intense happens.  He gets into a zone, a psychic space, opens himself, and the energy flows.  (Uh, Dave, that’s sort of a sign that you are an artist.)  Anyway, the intensity that “just happens” ranges from biker-style death skulls to delicate moonlit mural landscapes.  Whatever is out there.  Check out The Airbrush Shack  and prepare to be impressed.  I was.


Holy Ghost Descending

“All art is quite useless.” — Oscar Wilde.

Except when it isn’t.

Eva Wojcik creates energyscapes. Wojcik describes this one, “Holy Ghost Descending,” as “spiritual energy descending into the earth.” But that would describe all of her energyscapes. She brings them out of the ether, or they find her. They are art, and they are spiritual energy manifested through Wojcik’s pen and ink.

If you agree with Oscar Wilde that all art is quite useless, you may find Wojcik’s energyscapes simply beautiful, worth having for the pleasure they bring. But perhaps, like me, you will find them beautiful and useful. I bought this one, called “Touch.” “Touch” is beautiful. It also holds a spring-like, all-awake-now energy that is quite useful on tired mornings, in the same way certain dawns can be beautiful and useful. Besides, isn’t all art energy?



Lakota Den Productions, LLC

Ryan DesRoches, Point of Ares’s high-energy drummer, runs this high-energy, much-in-demand business. Lakota Den Productions, LLC is the parent company of Massachusetts Web Designs (Ryan designed this website) and Central Mass Video, which Ryan runs with his wife, Becky. Ryan has been doing videography for over ten years, and holds a masters degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston. He has directed and produced numerous short films and documentary/training videos and has been shooting live event/wedding videos since 2005. Becky has been shooting video since 2005 and has assisted Ryan on numerous wedding and event videos. Becky is the graphic designer for DVD and menu design.

Point of Ares  (New website coming soon.)

Yes, we’re still around and we still rock.



My husband, Bill, runs a website focused on maritime matters in general and Nordic Tugs in particular.  He writes about ship design, boat building, outfitting, maintenance, maritime communications, navigation, piloting, and his observations on the New England seacoast.

Oh, and just to get this out of the way.  It was entirely Bill’s decision to name his new vessel Enemy Glory.  (My humble suggestions got vetoed.)

His website is cool, though.  Lots of good information on all things nautical.