Matter Notes: A lawyer's private notes on a legal matter; considered inviolate and nondisclosable. By metaphor and game, my occasional blog posts on literary matters. In both cases, a form of work product.

What the moon told me the serpent told Eve when she fell to earth.

Reified thought is the enemy of humanity.  The chaos of heaven is within you.  Play.

Don’t read this blog post. Read this: Linds Redding. “A Short Lesson in Perspective.”

You’ve probably never heard of Linds Redding.  He was an art director who spent his life creating advertisements for other people’s products.  Then he died.  He was 52.  Shortly before his death

Only Another Writer Will Get This (and, yes, that is a pun)

Why is it, whenever I hear Tony Banks’s keyboard riff at 9:09 – 9:16 on “Supper’s Ready” on Genesis’s Foxtrot (released UK Charisma 1972), I get an image of Dam Square and

The Dream of the Rood: This is a joke, right?

So I’m reading The Dream of the Rood.  I don’t do it a lot.  It’s the late seventh century. It’s possibly late enough to be the early eighth, but at this remove

Do you sport a fake British accent? If so, why?

Over the past month, several people have mentioned to me their annoyance with Americans who rock a British accent.  I’m talking about people who don’t know each other, bringing this up in

Make Yourself Holy

To write fiction, you must make yourself holy.  This is how.  Immerse your heart in the dirty world.  Crawl in its decay.  Shout out its meager glories.  Then leave.  Then write.  Then