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I’m shocked! Shocked! Serious novels lack cultural relevance!

Nevertheless, this Weekly Standard piece by Roger Kimball is worth reading.  In “The Great American Novel: Will there ever be another?” Kimball argues that the novel has lost its former cultural relevance

Buy books. Refuse to read them. Impress your friends.

Yes, I know it’s the Huffington Post.  But this gem caught my attention, from a truly bizarre article called “12 Books You NEED on Your Bookshelf”: But if you’re going to buy

Something like this really happened.

A waitress in a local coffee shop was complaining to me and everyone else about being 47.  Her body aches with middle age.  Her eyes hurt.  She hates it. Riffing on your


“And now it’s time to start the world anew,” said Judas with a kiss.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

Will you miss it? What would you pay to see it pass?