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A Spell to Attract Attention

I have no idea if this still works, or why anyone would want to make use of it, but here it is.  If you are really, truly lonely or bored, and just

Intimations of Immortality (via my dog)

I recently had what William Wordsworth called a “spot of time.”  A moment when perception happens through some imaginative faculty you didn’t know you had. Something you have no name for turns

Why do writers stop writing?

Joan Acocella took up this question in The New Yorker several years ago. She doesn’t answer it.  Nobody can.  There are as many answers as blocked writers.  Acocella provides a history of explanations

What the moon told me the serpent told Eve when she fell to earth.

Reified thought is the enemy of humanity.  The chaos of heaven is within you.  Play.