Enemy Glory

Cover art by Dave Labbs.

 Part one of the Enemy Glory series

Edited by David G. Hartwell.
Originally published in hardcover and mass market paperback by Tor Books.

“Then live and be damned.” Llewelyn is a brilliant young evil magician who is dying in extreme agony at the foot of his arch-enemy, the good and lawful King Walworth of Threle. Enemy Glory is Llewelyn’s astonishing deathbed confession, his alarmingly passionate and strangely lyrical account of his heartbreaking decision to embrace evil, told with wry humor and trenchant irony against an epic backdrop of magic, the gods, betrayed friendship, unrequited love, war, and the rise and fall of empires.

Let’s play a game of choice and consequences.  What if you had to destroy everything you ever loved or suffer eternal damnation?  Enter the dark.

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