Three Moons for June

Animals and humans howl, chant, and form circles; clumsy attempts to mirror What Is and know themselves, briefly, as ongoing manifestations of God. Singing, clapping, spinning, healing, falling back to ground and limitations. This sort of thing has been happening since at least the late Neolithic.


Three for Beltane

Solitaries. Madness. And now the fairies depart. I’ve always been fascinated by art that emerges from insanity, and what better example of same than Richard Dadd’s famous painting. Whether he was in communication with Osiris, as he claimed, or suffered from schizophrenia, is perhaps a question of culture and consensus reality.


A Scattering of March

What would happen if we got through the plague by experiencing how to live fully human lives again? And how to be fully human with each other again? We might decide that it suits us so well that we’re going to stay home and keep doing it. We might even keep doing it in public, and at work. It might become corporate America’s worst nightmare.